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What life was like when Mousavi was Prime Minister – letters from an Iranian protester

Hi Jess

When Mousavi was the Prime Minister during the Iran-Iraq War, Khamenei [now the Supreme Leader] was president. They used to argue with each other about how the country should be run.

Mousavi was good in government back then. Although the economy was very bad, he tried his best not to put economic pressure on people so that we had everything we needed on our tables. We did not have as much inflation as we have had during Ahmadinejad’s government. This is why Mousavi has a good reputation amongst most Iranian people.

In the last 20 years Mousavi’s political views have changed. He has become more of a national politician than a religious politician. During the election Ahmadinejad tried to show this as Mousavi’s weak point, but because this is a change that the majority of people support, the people only loved Mousavi more.

Another big issue between them is Palestine.  Ahmadinejad likes helping Palestine and he thinks it’s an ideological fact that he should do it, even if the government does not have enough budget to do so. Ahmadinejad shows himself as a real supporter of the Palestinian people and by doing so he aims to gain a lot of support from the religious people of Iran and the world. But Mousavi says that we shouldn’t help Palestine if we don’t have enough budget for our own government costs. When Mousavi said this Ahmadinejad published a speech of Mousavi’s from 20 years ago, when at that time Mousavi thought like Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad accuses him of being a liar!! He is stupid in thinking that if some body changes their mind it means they are a liar. I don’t know how anybody can develop their mind if they are never going to change it!! This is the same idea that says we have to do whatever the prophet Mohammad did 1400 years ago.

I think the situation is very good now. People have great knowledge of opposing the government, though we need to be organised and learn correct and effective ways of opposing it. Mousavi is willing to establish a party to do classic politic activity.

As a person who sees what is going around me, I believe that Ahmadinejad could not get more than eight million votes and Mousavi should have received at least 25 million. I’m sure the real result of the election is close to these figures. 

Maybe one day the truth will come out.


Iranian protester

Instability and waiting – letters from an Iranian protestor

Hi Jess

Today no programme was announced.  It seems that there are talks between the leaders and organisers of the movement and perhaps they are deciding about the next steps. The situation is very unstable.

We prefer not to engage in a bloody movement because if it goes that way then the Government has a reason to kill people and make much propaganda against the protesters by calling them vandals.

Today Khatami [ex-President of Iran 1997-2005, who pulled out of the presidential race in order to back Mousavi] wrote a letter to the people and the Supreme Leader, saying that people have a right to peaceful demonstrations.  He asked the Government not to use military force against the people and also urged the people to achieve their aims through peaceful demonstration.  

Khatami said the three days of peaceful protests showed the whole world that the people of Iran have a good manner and behaviour in their political actions.

He also said he thinks that there is still hope for the people and the Government to achieve what is right by forming a committee with skilled representatives from both sides.  And that this committee should make the decision.

But this is a method that cannot be accepted by the Supreme Leader because he thinks that what he says should be accepted as a rule by every one.

So I believe that people should think of ways to continue this peaceful movement and to find the opportunities this will bring.

I hope that victory will be the result.