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My Iran video diaries: harrassed by the Basij and a mullah

Here are a couple of videos I made when I was in Iran this year.  I had two separate incidents with the Basij and a mullah – neither more than a little unpleasant. But had I been a Iranian woman incorrectly dressed in ‘hijab’ (my thighs were not covered by a baggy men’s shirt), the official punishment is a public flogging. 

VIDEO 1: After I failed in my efforts to find a market selling hijab, or ‘modest dress’, the Basij (religious police), accosted me on the street.  They must be quite alert – it was my first day in Iran. 

VIDEO 2: I met a far-too-friendly mullah in Qom.  When I told Iranians this story they shook their heads – but not with disbelief.