My portfolio

I’m a freelance journalist in Sydney with bylines in CNN, The Sydney Morning Herald,, The Guardian, CEO Magazine, VICE and The New Daily, among others.

I’ve included links to some of my recent articles below.

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Inside Australia's stunning 99-domed mosque, CNN, 1 January 2018
Inside Australia’s stunning 99-domed mosque, CNN, 1 January 2018
Australia’s famed Uluru closed off to climbers from 2019, CNN, 1 November 2017
Dementia sufferers excluded from Australia’s first euthanasia law, former health minister warns. The New Daily, 23 November 2017
Statue becomes lightning rod for Australian nationalists, CNN, 8 September 2017
China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ explained, The New Daily, 30 October 2017
I tried to survive on $50 a week for groceries,, 27 October 2017
Don’t believe the travel brochures: Myanmar is deeply racist and bigoted. The Sydney Morning Herald, 25 September 2017
The business case for a 5 hour workday. HR Monthly Magazine, 25 October 2017
Why I’m Grateful To Have #FirstWorldProblems. The Huff Post, 24 May 2017
Does your cat secretly hate you? 8 August 2017

Fight or flight: The drone dilemma, CEO Magazine, November 2017 edition

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