Diggin’ Deshi Dogs – PHOTO FEATURE

Published in The Weekend Independent Magazine on 9 December 2011

Puppy napping...

With all due respect to my family’s deceased golden retriever, I’ve discovered that the Deshi dog outsmarts the likes of “Clancy” by a mile.  These pariah dogs, as they’re otherwise known, are native to the subcontinent and according to canine expert Gautam Das, the breed is “one of the few remaining examples of mankind’s original domestic dog. Their physical features are the same as those dogs whose fossil remains have been found in various parts of the world.”

These pariah puppies were rescued from Gulshan 1 in Dhaka.  A large group of street children, too young to know better, were tossing the puppies around like footballs, before leaving the vulnerable trio in the middle of a median strip to see whether they would venture out to cross the fatally busy street. The pups are now three months old  – or thereabouts – and have since found loving homes.  Each pup displayed extraordinary intelligence and an affection that knew no bounds. The same goes for “Grem,” the fourth puppy we’ve rescued and are currently fostering (she’s identified in captions).  Grem needs a long-term home, so please leave a comment on this blog or email me at jess.mudditt@gmail.com if you’re seduced by her charming gaze!

Puppy season is in full swing – and now’s the time to be kind and proud of the deshi dog.

For information about how to get involved in animal welfare, click here to find “Obhoyaronno – Bangladesh Animal Welfare Society” on Facebook.

If you’re looking for a vet in Dhaka, I recommend Dr Siamak.  Click here for contact details.

Too cute to comprehend!
Grem's soulful stare... She is hoping to find a permanent home soon.
Sweet sistas
Despite her young age, Grem is very well-behaved while being walked on a leash, and she's calm around our kitten (it's the kitten that isn't!). She loves fetching balls too.

12 thoughts on “Diggin’ Deshi Dogs – PHOTO FEATURE”

    1. Sorry for my delay Lopa. Sadly I don’t know what happened to Grem – we couldn’t find a home with a family so she went to the animal shelter type place in Dhaka and we were told a few weeks later that a man living next door had adopted her. But when i checked in a year later, the person at the shelter said it hadn’t worked out – i don’t know what happened to her and often feel very sad about it…

      1. That what happens in Bangladesh .. Where there is no love for human you wont find any for animal.. Sad truth .. Its quite disheartening to see animals suffer just because of our carelessness. I dont think those so called dog shelter is doing anything for the sake of love for dogs . They are doing so for financial benifits or whatever

  1. Jessica,
    Brian S. told me about your blog and gave me the link. I just had a chance to visit here, and what do my wondering eyes behold but an article on one of my fav topics, the deshi dog.

    1. Hi Jo. Please pass on my thanks to Brian for sending you the link! Are you based in Dhaka? Very happy to hear you’re a fellow deshi dog lover! They are the cutest huh. All the best, Jessica

      1. Hi Jessica,
        Did you look at my website? http://www.artsricksha.com/
        It will tell you a lot about my studies in Bangladesh. I’m not in Dhaka now.
        I’ve not been back since 1998, when the air pollution was so extreme and the traffic so bad
        that I left after 2 weeks, instead of my original plan to be in the country for a month. At that
        time I was shooting video for my future publication (out since 2003), on the ricksha arts of
        Bangladesh. You can find my multimedia CD-ROM, ‘Transports of Delight,’ on amazon.com.
        Cheers, J

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