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Photographing cobras in the snake charmers' village of Ghuradia, Bangladesh
Photographing cobras in the snake charmers' village of Ghuradia, Bangladesh

I’m sure I filled in the “about me” section somewhere on this blog, but as I can’t find it, perhaps you can’t either.  So here is some potentially duplicated info about me…

I’m a dual Australian/British citizen and I grew up in the small suburb of Park Orchards in Victoria, Australia.  I played basketball and hockey and loved my horse (and books about horses).

In 2005 I graduated from Monash University in Melbourne and afterwards I spent a year travelling through Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China, Nepal, India and Pakistan.  Many of the stories on my blog are based on the experiences I had during this time.

I moved to London 365 days after leaving Melbourne for Asia.  I worked at a government agency for a year, while studying journalism at night school.  I quit my job altogether to obtain accreditation from the National Council for the Training of Journalists (UK).

However finding (paid) work as a journalist in London was really tough, so I went to Bangladesh to do a six month internship at The Daily Star. Fantastic place.

That was in November 2009 – and I’m still here in Dhaka.  Last month I married my translator, a Bangladeshi journalist called Sherpa Hossainy.  Things are great.

I write features for a national newspaper in Bangladesh called The Independent, as well as for IRIN, the UN’s news service.

Other stories and photographs have been published in Himal, the Guardian, The Scotland Herald.  I’m available for commissions and I sell world photography here: https://jessica-mudditt-photography.myshopify.com/

My long-term goal is to write a non-fiction book about life as a correspondent in Bangladesh – I’m just not sure yet how it ends…


Gwllynes Axe

Love your blog Jess. Safe and happy travelling. Will keep in touch on Facebook.

Jessica Mudditt

Thanks so much for the encouragement – comments like yours are my energy source! Hope things with you are great 🙂

Helena Thorfinn

Jessica! I am so keen to get ahold of you! I lived in Dhaka for three years, my husband Nick worked at the Daily Star (Hello to Imran and Zafar and the others). We might be moving to Myanmar and I understand you are involved there as well? Please contact me on hthorfinn@hotmail.com. And by the way..I was a diplomat at Swedsih Embassy but is now a fiction writer, wrote my first novel about Bangladesh….ask Zafar if you know him!;)

Jessica Mudditt

Hey Helena. Great to hear from you – I was just reading about your book and it sounds wonderful. I am in the middle of putting together a blog post about tips for expats and I’ll reply in more detail to your Facebook message. You will love Yangon, I’m sure! Jessica


Your “duplicated info about me” is enjoyable. Got this blog by accident. Will read again. Thanks for writing.

Gary Neal Hansen

Got your tweet about sending a marketing plan, but as it was a tweet it lacked context. Can’t find a contact page here, so please send an email to gary@garynealhansen.com.


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