Foreign Correspondents Club of Bangladesh

Calling all journalists!

If you’re a foreign correspondent and plan on visiting Bangladesh, please get in touch if you would like to attend a social meeting with the Foreign Correspondents Club in Dhaka.

We usually meet once a month at the International Club (Road 74, Gulshan 2) but we don’t fix dates.  Please send me an email at or call me on 0167 538 4557.  You can also find us on Facebook if you search for “Foreign Correspondents Club of Bangladesh.”

Alternatively, if you are not a journalist but are seeking coverage of an exciting project or issue in Bangladesh, please email me and I can circulate the information to our members.



6 thoughts on “Foreign Correspondents Club of Bangladesh”

  1. its very nice to have a reply from you.THANKS..I know u felt bother(sorry) for my request..i shouldn’t have say that but what will i do???????? its my dream to have a good foreigner friend..

  2. jess i know ur mobile no but i think m not enough suitable to communicate with u,cuz i cant speak English well. m 20 years old.want to be a friend,or little bro of a foreigner. u might ask me why i have such desire ..yaa its because i want a real foreigner friend..beyond my country..limitless friendship.

  3. i am a Bangladeshi. university going student(iub), i’ve a great interest about the foreigner, can i be your friend? can u provide more info about ur club? so that i might help u….bye.

    1. unfortunately this is a club for foreign journalists… but you could join the british council – i teach classes there once a month and it would be nice to meet you! thanks for reading my blog 🙂

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